Saturday, 7 September 2013

Help Charlie - We've done it!

Charlie was robbed of around £200 last week by a distraction burglary. 
Charlie runs "Quality Fruit and Flowers" shop on the High Street in Biggleswade.

The robber asked if they could have some cardboard boxes, and whilst Charlie popped out back to get some, his till was emptied. 

Over 50 people in Biggleswade spread the message via Facebook that we could help Charlie and just 30 hours after the appeal started we have Charlie's money together thanks to over 20 donations online.

Charlie will be given the money on Monday 9th September. We'll try and grab a photo if he's happy to oblige just so you know it's all happened. 

The donation facility for Charlie's fund has now closed, but as one kind donor suggested, some may want to do some other random act of kindness in Biggleswade instead, as they've missed out on helping Charlie. Maybe buy a Suspended Coffee Token or two from Cafe Mocha, or maybe something totally different instead?

If you want to know about Suspended Coffee Tokens, have a read here:

Thank you. You are brilliant!