Thursday, 11 April 2013

Cafe Mocha suspended?

Sounds dramatic, but we've introduced a suspended coffee scheme today at Cafe Mocha.

Customers can add a "suspended coffee" to their regular order and for an additional £2.00 a token is purchased which is kept behind the counter for future use by someone who couldn't otherwise afford a drink in Cafe Mocha.

You can also choose to buy a token and take it away to pass to a friend to share the Mocha love and treat a friend to a coffee too.

Our tokens are exchangeable for any hot or cold drink, any size or shape including milk shakes and Fairtrade colas.

Love the idea? Try the donate button on the right hand side of the "web version" of our website, or just click here to buy a Suspended coffee token or two here: Buy tokens now

Or contact us if you just want more info about how it's working out in Cafe Mocha using

Monday, 1 April 2013

Happy April Fools Day.... Biggleswade's first Cat Cafe!

We all know Biggleswade is swimming in Hair Dressers, Estate Agents and Cafes. Let's face it, Cafe Mocha is the same as all the rest (except fairer, friendlier and greener, and with a Social Enterprise award) but apart from that.... the same! Dull dull dull

We had a great idea. We saw it first in Italy, then London, and now today Biggleswade! Launching today on Tuesday 1st April 2014, We bring you....Cat-e Mocha! Biggleswade's first Cafe for Cats

See here for details: