Monday, 13 July 2009

Lights Out!

At the Biggleswade Chamber of Trade AGM on 13th July 2009.
The executives of the committee announced they would not be organising the Christmas Lights this year.

Attending committee members objected to this decision.
The background was explained that costs last year were not met, and that costs for 2009 were expected to be increased.

Aside from the usual "Crying wolf" stories about the lights being cancelled, it does indeed look like this year there will be no Christmas Lights for Biggleswade.... unless... (and sorry to make this dramatic), but it was agreed with some reluctance, that if £5,000 could be raised by 1st September 2009 by a mixture of members of the public and commercial organisations, that the matched funding from Biggleswade Town Council should be enough to make the lights viable for this year.

For future years, a drastic change in the whole process and responsibility is needed, but in the short term, we need to ensure that general apathy, the usual "They should pay (not me)" and excuses of recessions and credit crunch, do not spoil a very beautiful town centre at Christmas Time....

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