Wednesday, 11 March 2009

What ever next?

At the end of Tuesday May 26th 2009, Café Mocha will have been running for 1 year under the 'new' ownership and business model of a not-for-proft social enterprise.
The aim of the current Mocha team was to prove a Café project could be self sustaining, whilst helping others in the community. In February 2009 (month 9), we had our first break-even month ever.
What next? Well on May 27th, as it stands today, there are no ongoing commitments from anyone for the work to continue. We're hoping that in year two, churches in town, along with other local groups, will look at the Café Mocha project and make a real defined commitment to being a part of it.
The mystery, fear and risk of what a community café project is now clear, there are real people to meet, and find out how they are beneffiting from a high street project that isn't driven by profit, and who's measurements of success are about friendship, and practical care in the community.

Please get in touch, if you think you, or an organisation you represent, can help (
Failing that, drink coffee with us. It really is use-it or lose-it time folks.
Finally, if you think the right thing to do is just 'nothing' and you're thinking "what ever!" rather than "what next?" please let us know why: