Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Who is the voice of Café Mocha?

Café Mocha have a new radio advert that will be broadcast from 27th November, but who is the voice of Café Mocha?

From Friday 27th November, tune into the wonderful community radio station, Biggles FM on their new frequency 104.8 FM.
They're back for 28 days. Check them out on http://www.bigglesfm.com/

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Mr Cadbury, We salute you

Today I bought a small bar of Cadbury's Dairy Milk and enjoyed it more than I've ever enjoyed a bar of Dairy Milk. Why?
Because Cadbury's have adopted fairtrade values.

More details about their decision, and the products that are no longer un-fair can be found here

Hurrah for Mr Cadbury. Well done for seeing sense, and for trading fairly.

Monday, 13 July 2009

Lights Out!

At the Biggleswade Chamber of Trade AGM on 13th July 2009.
The executives of the committee announced they would not be organising the Christmas Lights this year.

Attending committee members objected to this decision.
The background was explained that costs last year were not met, and that costs for 2009 were expected to be increased.

Aside from the usual "Crying wolf" stories about the lights being cancelled, it does indeed look like this year there will be no Christmas Lights for Biggleswade.... unless... (and sorry to make this dramatic), but it was agreed with some reluctance, that if £5,000 could be raised by 1st September 2009 by a mixture of members of the public and commercial organisations, that the matched funding from Biggleswade Town Council should be enough to make the lights viable for this year.

For future years, a drastic change in the whole process and responsibility is needed, but in the short term, we need to ensure that general apathy, the usual "They should pay (not me)" and excuses of recessions and credit crunch, do not spoil a very beautiful town centre at Christmas Time....

Please get in touch via lights@cafemocha.org.uk or see the Facebook page listed below.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Happy Birthday Mocha!

Today, Cafe Mocha (as a Community Interest Social Enterprise project) is 1 year old!

Happy Birthday Cafe Mocha!

What did Café Mocha get for it's birthday? Custom built trendy tables, a new kitchen floor, and a new team of volunteers working on Saturdays. Hurrah!

Pop in and see us this Saturday 30th May, for a nice birthday surprise, and wish us "Happy Birthday!"

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

What ever next?

At the end of Tuesday May 26th 2009, Café Mocha will have been running for 1 year under the 'new' ownership and business model of a not-for-proft social enterprise.
The aim of the current Mocha team was to prove a Café project could be self sustaining, whilst helping others in the community. In February 2009 (month 9), we had our first break-even month ever.
What next? Well on May 27th, as it stands today, there are no ongoing commitments from anyone for the work to continue. We're hoping that in year two, churches in town, along with other local groups, will look at the Café Mocha project and make a real defined commitment to being a part of it.
The mystery, fear and risk of what a community café project is now clear, there are real people to meet, and find out how they are beneffiting from a high street project that isn't driven by profit, and who's measurements of success are about friendship, and practical care in the community.

Please get in touch, if you think you, or an organisation you represent, can help (Year2@cafemocha.org.uk).
Failing that, drink coffee with us. It really is use-it or lose-it time folks.
Finally, if you think the right thing to do is just 'nothing' and you're thinking "what ever!" rather than "what next?" please let us know why: feedback@cafemocha.org.uk

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

As seen on TV

Prime time ITV to be precise...

Café Mocha was on ITV on Wednesday! Hurrah. Although you'd have to be very observant to work out it was really Café Mocha if you didn't keep seeing our regular customers, and of course our wonderful Sharlene making the coffee.

It was a piece about how the over consumption of caffeine can apparently cause haluciniations, or exsaserbate stress.

You can watch the clip online here: http://www.itvlocal.com/anglia/news/?void=277916