Monday, 29 September 2008

G-r-r-rate Relief

Good news! The revenue team at Mid-Beds District Council, have granted us 100% relief on our business rates for our High Street business. That'll save us £100+ per month. That's a great relief.
Thank you.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Have I found the best Coffee in Biggleswade?

A couple of weeks ago we found the best Fair Trade bean available and started selling it at Cafe Mocha. (Thanks to Steve Luff for his excellent product range, knowledge and advice)

The new coffee is stronger, less bland, a little more bitter, and creates an excellent creme on the top of a black Americano.

To top it off, for my best ever Coffee in Biggleswade, the marvellous Barrista that is 'Hitch' offered me the new coffee with a shot of a new Ginger Bread Syrup, and then ZoWwEe CaVeY, I'm hooked on Ginger Bread Latté's at Cafe Mocha.
Sounds a bit la-dee-dah, but they are superb! (Even though I say so myself).

(Also available in Butter-Scotch, but Ginger Bread is my favourite).