Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Money Matters

Not sure how much money really should matter, but unfortunately it does really, or Cafe Mocha couldn't exist. Last night was the monthly pay-roll night (we've been officially in business for 2 full months now) , and it's a good time to check the bank balance and find out what's what.

We're not rolling in debt, and in fact we've scraped through in credit, just.

That said, we've relied on incredible genorisity of quite a few people, including some of our paid Mocha staff, anonymous donations, and people buying pre-paid coffee.

Thank you to some of the very encourgaging messages, and some of the very good suggestions for improvements sent to

Somebody asked about our tipping in Cafe Mocha. The tips that are left from customers in the little bowl on our counter top do not go to staff, but instead are used to give away dozens of cups of tea and coffee to special people who visit us, who would not otherwise be able to enjoy a beverage in a cafe in Biggleswade.

Finally, if we sold 17 extra cups of coffee per day during August, (17 above what we've been selling so far), we'd be self sustaining, so there's a target for August!

Want to help? Email to find out about paying in advance for your coffee before you've drunk it, or just come in, sit down and enjoy some food and drink with us.