Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Money Matters

Not sure how much money really should matter, but unfortunately it does really, or Cafe Mocha couldn't exist. Last night was the monthly pay-roll night (we've been officially in business for 2 full months now) , and it's a good time to check the bank balance and find out what's what.

We're not rolling in debt, and in fact we've scraped through in credit, just.

That said, we've relied on incredible genorisity of quite a few people, including some of our paid Mocha staff, anonymous donations, and people buying pre-paid coffee.

Thank you to some of the very encourgaging messages, and some of the very good suggestions for improvements sent to

Somebody asked about our tipping in Cafe Mocha. The tips that are left from customers in the little bowl on our counter top do not go to staff, but instead are used to give away dozens of cups of tea and coffee to special people who visit us, who would not otherwise be able to enjoy a beverage in a cafe in Biggleswade.

Finally, if we sold 17 extra cups of coffee per day during August, (17 above what we've been selling so far), we'd be self sustaining, so there's a target for August!

Want to help? Email to find out about paying in advance for your coffee before you've drunk it, or just come in, sit down and enjoy some food and drink with us.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Coffee Taste Test

This coming week, we're running a taste test for the best Fair Trade bean.
If you'd like to attend this event, then email for details.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Special Offers

From time to time Cafe Mocha has some crazy special offers.
Some are fun, some are completely free, some are just crazy.

If you'd like to know about our special offers, and you're not a FaceBook 'Friend of Cafe Mocha', then send your email address to and we'll send you details of the crazy offers that we invent from time to time.

If you are on facebook, then join this group:
Until you join us, you're missing out. Be happy with us

Friday, 18 July 2008

Fair Trade Cola - Ubuntu

From Saturday we're trialling a fair trade cola. We're starting it at £1.00 (which makes us just 16p profit per can).

It's not a 'value' Cola, or that stuff I remember as a kid called Coola.
It's not like Cola flavour, it's actually premium cola, that tastes great.
You're not reminded on every mouthful, that you've made a noble choice.

Give it a try! And check out the 'Taste of Malawi' video (on the right hand column), which shows the home of Ubuntu Cola

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Community Information

From Friday, the Cafe now has a community information resource.
It sounds very grand. In reality it's a catalogue of community events, services, and local groups that friends of Café Mocha might find useful.

If you run a community service or have a local event or good cause that you'd like to publicise, pop into the Cafe, with a paper advert no bigger than A4, or email it to and we'll add it to our A4 files that are available for people to browse through.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Images of Cafe Mocha

From time to time, somebody sends us a cracking image of Cafe Mocha. (Thanks to Raf for this one)
I thought I'd start sharing these. If you click the picture to the right, you'll see a much bigger picture.

Whilst we're talking and images and impresstions, if you have ideas, suggestions, comments, hints, tips or other photos of Cafe Mocha, drop us an email:

Your thoughts and comments are really helpful. Please keep them coming

Friday, 4 July 2008

Hello to RaSPBerries.

New in this week:

  • A lovely Raspberry and Blueberry fruit smoothy which is fairtrade, a little tiny, but very tasty. (£1.75)

  • We also have two new toasted items: vegetable tikka panini, and a chilli-beef panini. Both are yummy and definitely not tiny! (£2.95)

  • Lastly, a fair-trade choclate chip flapjack. MMMm mmmm mmmmm (80p)

This Saturday Rachel and Bill are working as volunteers.
Pop in and say 'Hello', or just say "Give me all your your ice-cream", and try all three of our ice-cream sundaes. The choice is yours.