Tuesday, 27 May 2008

What a lovely bunch of customers!

End of day one. Phew! Half Term this week, and the day after a bank holiday weekend. Not sure if that makes it busy or quiet, but general concensus from other traders was that we should be expecting a fairly quiet week. Alan and I were in all day today (with me running a few errands around town on and off).

We took the spot on average takings from the previous owners records today. Not bad I guess as we've changed ownership and pretty much avoided promoting the opening day. There were a few friends visting Cafe Mocha for the first time, which was really reassuring to see. Hopefully they come back!

We need to increase our takings over the next few weeks as we're taking the hit of fair trade product margins being smaller, and generally prices seem to be going up, whilst we've reduced ours by 10% using the loyaly card system.

A good start today. We've kept things in the shop pretty much the same. We'll promote Fair Trade over time, but first off, our job is to get to know the existing customers, who are a lovely bunch of friendly people.

More tomorrow....