Saturday, 24 May 2008

Taste Test?

Q: Are you a coffee connoisseur?
Q: Would you like to find the best fair trade coffee?
Q: Would you like to take part in a free taste test?

If so, read on...

It's not long until we open now. On the coffee bean front, we bought existing stock of an italian coffee blend called Milano that the existing Mocha customers are used to. It's not fair trade.

From day 1, we're offering a good quality fair trade filter coffee, and we're running with the Milano bean in the espresso machine.

However, we need to pick the best, most preferred bean to replace the Milano stock when that is used up.

I have 4 fair trade beans for us to try. I'll be getting opinions of some of the regulars in our first week of opening. I have a suspicion that we've found the right one, but I'd like your help checking that out.

If you are particular about coffee taste, we need your help.
Email: tasters @ (without the spaces) and I'll send you details of our planned one-off after hours tasting session.