Saturday, 10 May 2008

The fair trade challenge

Well we've found a couple of fair trade suppliers and we're waiting for samples.

The main challenge for us, is how do we successfully promote and sell fair trade without putting our prices up?

Fair Trade coffee removes the unfair dealing with the person far far away doing most of the hard work. As a result of agreeing to pay them a fair price, everyone else wants their usual cut too, and the price goes up.

This is to be expected, but choosing fair trade isn't only about choice. It's not about genorosity, because it's just 'fair' rather than 'generous' to pay the right price. One thing seems certain choosing fair trade is not the usual choice for the bargain hunters amongst us, of which I am one.

Feel free to comment on this post. I'll update this post as my sums are completed on how much it could cost us to sell fairer coffee.

This weekend is a chance to catch up on the 20 or so tasks that need to be completed before open day. What a cracking weekend of weather ahead too