Saturday, 17 May 2008

Big bang Promotion?

What on earth does that mean? Well, for weeks, Lucy, Alan and I have been asked: Are you having a party? Is there a grand opening? Are you doing a leaflet drop in town? And various other sensible questions about stirring interest for the first week of opening.

We concluded that if we hype things up we'll have a week of one-time curious visitors, no seats for our regular existing customers, and then a desert where we've driven away what is already a lovely group of loyal Café Mocha customers, and have answered the towns curiosities, only to be left to twiddle our thumbs. Well maybe not, but you get the picture.

Mean while, we need income and fast. We've bought the business (I paid the remaining balance last night), we've got a starting balance of £0.00. (I think most financial advisors, would at this point pinch themselves, or call a doctor). And our start up costs during this next week of insurance, clothing, training are heading to £1,000.

We came up with another plan. We've created the standard loyalty card, but added an option to pre-pay in advance with the same deal, buy 9, get 1 free. The loyalty card, is a good thing! We pledged we'd lower prices when we could, and take the hit of additional costs in going fairtrade. The loyalty card has allowed us to do this. Repeat customers will be getting the equivalent of 10% cheaper drinks. For our one off visitors, there is no price change.

But, best of all, two people have already pre-paid for 1 years worth of drinks. Yep, I've sold 52 cups of fair-trade tea, and 52 milk shakes, and we've not even opened. Hoorah!
If you're interested in helping with our start-up costs by pre-paying, get in touch.